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May 25, 2013

2013 ~ Kite Surf Boarding


Thailand here we come! Cruising for Bangkok @ the end of June seeking out Elephants, Beaches and Surf. We'll put that trip in writing with pics on a separate blog entry about Thailand as this one is all about my new hobby and hopefully I'll be able to combine this knowledge and skill to make our ship sail a bit greener yet. (and loose some kilo's in the process) Never stood on any board what so ever (besides a snowboard, which I guess is not quite the same as although snow is water too, it doesn't have the tendency to move that much) and again as always, tips & tricks are welcome :) I've posted my plan below to give you some idea of how green I'am at this thing. The blood, sweat, swearing and broken kite stories are to be found @ Kiteboating in Zeeland (2013) Sealiberty Blog.

Step 1 (turn off your music)

Step 2 (book your flight)

Step 3 (Connect boat with kite)

Final Step (Go Global Cruising with Kite)


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  1. Tomorrow we'll set off for Thailand and I've just made an offer for a North Dyno Kite to tie up to our mini yacht when we return :)

    Enter the Dyno. This is the light-wind kite. It offers parked power similar to a parafoil together with superior dynamic power, better depower, more nuanced bar feel, better turning speed and superior safety (owing to inflatable elements). A versatile kite that will fly on either four lines or five, it has superior performance and handling, light winds and lulls are handled with ease.

    Low weight is clearly the Dyno's main feature. To get it, several steps have been taken. The Lazy Pump inflation system was eliminated because single-point inflation of course adds weight. Thinner bladder material and a lighter Dacron have been used in the inflatable elements. Two extra segments are put in the arc between the quarter ribs, which produced a slightly truer aerofoil in the center lifting area. Construction details that contribute crucially to function and durability remain, others were eliminated.

    As a result, the 18-meter Dyno flys in winds that are barely perceptible.

    A new Dynosty in lightwind performance has just begun.

  2. Well,.. we've covered two third of the Thailand trip and seen most touristic hot spots (their all beatiful and hot) but the first kite I encountered was yesterday when kayaking at sea. After paddling up to the guy he told me three hours would set me back 6000 baht... I'll figure it out myself and spent the 6000 on Chang. The Dyno kite was already sold so I've got a lot of last minute arranging todo before we leave for our kiteboat sailing trip in zeeland which is up next after Thailand.

  3. UPS just delivered our main propulsion system for the weeks to come :)

  4. Connecting a Kite to the boat wasn't much of a success. It was actually pretty dangerous and I should of taken the Kite training in advance. Curious about our bloody (I was cut up twice and even managed to break the kite on the first encounter) attempt? (DWTPT - 2013)