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June 7, 2013

2013 ~ Brilliant F@#ups

2013 Brilliant F-Ups Sealiberty Cruising
I won't dwell on my everyday money making business as even my beloved ones don't care for those stories (it's something in IT) so don't worry. Sharing this weeks brilliant F@# up should be fun to read though. (most people get a sick kick out of someone elses misfortune)

The last couple of months we've been working on a migration project for another IT company which has a core business of providing IT workspace in the Cloud for other big companies (this entry won't get more technical than that).

As with many IT projects introducing cutting-edge new technology, there have been a few small hickups on the way getting things up and running. When such projects run out of time, things tend to get tense as everybody is going full throttle.

Last week the customer brought in a new project manager to lead a piece of the action and his name is John. This week I met John on site as he came to introduce himself and as we were busy I wasted no time and came right to business, telling him what we were working on, what problems we encountered and the causes for these issues. Noticing his puzzled face I couldn't help to think; you're probably not the right guy for the job if you don't understand a thing I'm telling you. Then his face lit up and he told me; Ahhh, I think you think that I'm the other John... It took me a split second to realise I just spilled the beans to the test manager who worked for the other company being migrated to my customers environment...

Last year we went to Rhodes where we met another Dutch couple in the hotel. It turned out that the guy worked in my field of expertise so we had a nice geeky chat about projects and technical innovations. At some point I shared my opinion about a product, and yes, I can be rather blunt and outspoken sometimes, but to be fair, this product was crap and it cost us four months and about 250.000 euro's to work around it, so I told him; The guy who thought up this solution is one major dickhead. And guess what...


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