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July 4, 2017

Check this out! We offer you our Sealiberty Holiday Home in Arnhem on the Orion-3

Our adventure started last February. We started an impressive renovation on our ship the Orion-3. For the past several months we had people doing construction in our home & we worked non-stop next to our full-time jobs. But with great results: On May the 20th we proudly presented our Sealiberty Bed and Breakfast!



The Bed & Breakfast was immediately fully booked during the weekends and soon after the weekdays were occupied as well. 

But we underestimated all the work involved to properly run a B&B. Freshly cooked breakfasts and daily check-ins are hard to combine with full-time jobs. So we decided to change our course & turn the bow another direction.

We have started more renovations the last couple of weeks and with equal pride and energy, we now present you our Sealiberty Holiday Home! 

We now offer two beautiful apartments with private entrances. 

The smaller apartment is available for two persons and comes with a kitchen and private outside lounge areas with BBQ & hammock, a small but very cute living room with loads of books and a big TV, a two person and very romantic bedroom.


The second apartment is big and offers every luxury:
Double two-person bedrooms, a spacious living room with two big couches with television, dining room table, a fully equipped kitchen with a bar and there is even weekly cleaning included.



But there is more. Outside we offer a luxurious lounge area in the shade and one in the sun with a hammock included, outside hot and cold deck shower, a jacuzzi, a gas barbecue, a motorboat, and four bicycles. Our 30-meter long red ship even offers your own personal gym/sports center.



The apartments can be booked with a five-day minimum. Be sure to check out our photos of the ship and its areas.

The small apartment has already been fully booked until the end of August.

The big apartment is still available though. It is a four people apartment. In consultation with our host, a fifth person can be booked. Children should be capable swimmers, it’s a ship after all :-)

Take your opportunity to have a lovely holiday in Arnhem and contact us directly (with a 10% discount) on or +31(0)624573145 or find us on


May 7, 2016

Sealiberty Bed & Breakfast

 After years of boat projects & contemplating different ideas for our ship the Orion-3 we have come to the conclusion we will offer everyone who likes the idea the chance to experience live aboard our 31 meter yacht:

We want to give you a warm welcome to our Sealiberty Bed & Breakfast in Arnhem !


 Our comfortable houseboat with its great interior & lots of cozy private space near the city center provides a beautiful view over the river and has all you need for a unique and comfortable stay.

 Your  private studio aboard contains up to 3 bedrooms with new (140 - 200 cm) beds and your private living room offers another single bed. All bedrooms & the private bathroom with a separate toilet are newly build in 2016. 

 Due to local regulations we may only host four guests at a time and you and your companion(s) will have the place and our undivided attention & service for yourself(s).

The boat is moored in a unique location. Quiet & peaceful,  but within walking distance to parks, museums, squares and restaurants, bars or night clubs in the centre of Arnhem. We even have beautiful & very private sandy river beaches nearby.

 Our massive sun deck gives an amazing view over the river delta & includes comfortable deckchairs, a BBQ set, an excellent sound system and a deck shower for your use after having swam in your private swimming pool: the river our boat lies in :)

 There are no rules (except for no smoking inside), but our boat & it’s crew need and deserve some respect. We will tell you all about it at check in, but if you really want to know you can take a preview on our Sealiberty Cruising Website

 Aboard the ship you may encounter a mellow ship cat called Zahra. She is not allowed to go into the guest rooms & we can’t host other pets too.

 Parking is free and next door, the bus from and to the city center & central station stops and leaves right in front of our doorstep.  The shopping center and several supermarkets are across the street.

  • Check availability: Show Calender
  • Checkin: 14:00 h
  • Checkout: 11:00 h

We will welcome you on our ship, show you around and tell you all you want to know and we offer the following basic services:
  • A warm welcome
  • Fast WiFi
  • Kabel TV and DVD player
  • Complimentary drinks and snacks in fridge
  • Complimentary coffee and tea
  • Daily breakfast, cleaning & (dish) washing services
  • Fresh luxury hotel towels, linen and bed sheets
  • Arnhem map & tourist attraction leaflets
  • Free parking

The following extra services are available for a very reasonable prize:
  • Use of bicycles (this is a great way to explore the city)
  • Rent of a motorboat (no license needed)
  • Snacks, alcoholic drinks, lunch or dinner (we also offer lunch or BBQ packs)

We look forward to hosting you :)

Contact us:

Direct booking: AirBnB 
Phone: +31 (0) 26 361 8779
Website: Sealiberty Bed & Breakfast

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August 31, 2015

Surf Trip Europe

We just arrived back from a three week surf trip along the Atlantic Coast of Europe and got loads of stories to tell and pictures for you :)

the-stormrider-surf-guide-europeHaving finished my contract at Genmab in Utrecht, my former colleagues bought me the "The StormRider Surf Guide EUROPE" as a farewell gift but it mist us with a day so the Sealiberty Cruising Crew went of on a trip 'a la bonnefooi' to the Atlantic Coast.

When my dad passed away a couple of years ago, one of the things he left us was a big box of road maps which I took out of the storage and in which I found the maps for our destination: France, Spain and Portugal. We switched of the TomTom and left the route up to my main man in charge of the roads; Stan (my oldest son). Having relied on the GPS for so long I didn't expect that to go as good as it did :)

Within a couple of hours we reached the first part of the trip: Saint-Malo, which is a beautiful place in Northern France and is famous for it's walled port city. 

For us it would be the first place to be able to surf as it has a friendly surfers hub with a wide beach and good banks which can provide hollow waves (1*). As we didn't bring any surf gear with us and it was already late in the afternoon, we had dinner, found a place to sleep and called it a day.

The next morning we drove on to the region 'South Finistere' where the actual really good surfing spots are located. We took the hotel on the beach of the 'Baie Des Trespasses' (Bay of Death...) and contacted two Surf schools which both returned the same disappointing message; we are completely full... 

Tip nr une: if you require Surf lessons than book in advance

Hiring wet suits and surf boards was the only option, so that's what we did and gave it our best shot which didn't turn out too bad.


After the first day of surfing we found a cute camping minutes from the beach (Camping de la Baie) which wasn't on the map or in the tourist information guide and where we stayed for a couple of nights.

This was a lucky shot as we put our tents next to a Dutch minivan/camper belonging to Dennis & Roos who surfed too and taught us everything we needed to know and even helped us out with buying our own surf gear. (besides the really cool time we had with them; thanks again guys!)




Tip nr deux: Download the MagicSeaWeed app which tells you exactly where to go and the surfing conditions.

Tip nr tres: Don't wan't to waste all your money on hiring wet suits and surf boards? Go to the Decathlon (they're everywhere, have good stuff and are extremely cheap) and buy your surf gear there.

Tip nr quatro: We actually bought our surf boards second hand from the surf school which safed us 300 euro's.

Tip nr cinq: If you travel by car, buy yourself a car key lock to safeguard your car key while you're in the water. We bought ours from Surf Logic


Although the waves where perfect and the company was even better, we had to push on down the Atlantic Coast to meet our objective which was still a long way down the road located in Portugal. 

Skipping la Torche (which is a famous surf spot and close by), we drove to La Rochelle and the next day made it to Mimizan where we had some quality surfing moments.



The pictures above are from the first day on arrival. There weren't enough waves to take the surf boards of the roof right away but we did enjoy the kite surfing scene and had a self made dinner on the beach.

We surfed all morning at the most Southern Beach near the 'Mimizan Surf Club', packed up our gear and drove of to Saint Jean-de-Luz which does have a beach for surfing in the North which we passed on the way in to town ( I didn't see anything in the South while we walked and climbed rocks along the shore for hours) but in the center part where we stayed on a camping right next to the beach it was absolutely crap.

On arrival there where reefs everywhere (and there wasn't any swell at all) so we decided for an epic rock climbing trip along the coast in stead and topped it off with a refreshing swim and an evening of Rum & Coke with tapas while playing cards.




The next morning we drove straight to Zarautz which has a camping at the Northern side of a magnificent beach completely filled with surfers.

We where in luck as the majority of the surf camp inhabitants where of the young female kind and we even managed to get one of them to join us for the evening. She beat us pretty badly playing cards and promised us private surfing lessons in the morning :)

The surfing at Zarautz was amazing and the atmosphere there is great. We surfed while the sun drowned in a blood red sea and we kept on surfing until the moon and stars turned the waves in to silver beams.



Early next morning we where right at it again for a couple of hours before pushing along for the ride heading for another magnificent surfspot; Liencres.

We where all a bit trashed that day and on arrival we had lunch, set up our tents and went for a reconnaissance trip checking out the beach and settling for more playing cards and food with wifi.

After breaking up camp the next morning we headed for the beach and made use of some of the best waves of the entire trip. Stan is getting pretty good at this surfing thing and Dieye is also managing to get up and stand his wave by now.




We spoiled ourselves rotten with a luxury lunch at the beach club and drove off for another major Spanish town known for great atmosphere, swell and surf; Salinas

At the beach club in Liencres I googled Salinas for a surf hostel and the first result which popped up looked really good to us and we weren't disappointed indeed :)

Las Dunas Surfcamp places you very close to Salinas beach which offers a beach break with the typical ranges of right and left peaks and stretches out for an awesome three miles of surf possibilities. We had two amazing days of surf and although there where two surf schools and a lot of pro surfers in the water, it didn't feel crowded at all. 

Accommodation at Las Dunas Surf camp comes in the form of bunk bed dorms but there are also private rooms available should you be the type of surfer who likes to retreat at times. 

There is a garden for chilling, a gym for keeping on your game and free Wi-Fi so you can crow to all your friends back home about the great waves you are riding :)

The guys who run Las Dumas Surfcamp where really helpful to us and took all the time of the world to go through all the great surf spots on the Spanish and Portuguese coast for the rest of our trip.





Having a long list with the most perfect surf spots along the Atlantic coast of Europe and not enough days to see even a quarter is pretty frustrating and I messed up choosing the next spot. 

Having set Portugal as our final destination, I drove past 80% of the list which took us hours and we stopped being tired as hell at Malpica Beach which was completely flat...

Tip de Seis: Download the WindGuru App as in combination with the Magic Seaweed app you will have all the info you need to pick the right spot for surfing at the right time.

Tip Siete: If you intend to roam the Atlantic coast and try a new surf spot nearly everyday I can advice you to rent (or buy) a camper van. Sleeping in a tent often breaks your night and having to build and break a camp everyday while surfing in the morning and afternoon while having driven for hours starts to wear you down at the end.


After many surf campings & hostels I booked ourselves a nice little suite with an Ocean view (Casa da Sebe)

The boys went off with a deck of cards to entertain 2 cute girls their age and I told them the place was off limits for another hour, then filled up the bubble bath & a glass of wine for some me time :)


That night we slept like being in a coma and the day after we reached our final destination in Portugal. The ocean at Praia Da Barra was really rough and we got our asses kicked.  Magic SeaWeed stated we encountered waves of 10,5 feet!

Tip número oito: Bring a shock & waterproof camera if you intend to capture those magic moments on your surf trip. I didn't and of course managed to break the third camera during a vacation on one of the last days getting slam dunked by a double wave colliding with one coming back from the beach at Praia da Barra.

Tip número nove: Don't try to cram a 5500 km surf trip into three weeks like we did. Yes we've seen a lot and surfed in three countries but we also lost a lot of time (which we could of spend surfing) on driving. We now have to go back anyway as we had to skip many amazing places so we might as well have taken one country at a time.



Giving it another shot the next morning included a couple of great waves before driving back to Hondarribia (Spain - 800 km) near San Sabastian which was the last of our Atlantic Ocean campsites for this surf trip.

The camping at Hondarribia next to the lighthouse (Faro de Higuer) was the perfect ending & farewell to this surf vacation and the view is magnificent.


We've planned our 2016 surf trip too. Next year we'll hire a camper and travel the southern coast of England searching for swell, waves and surf spots.

I've already done a little research in the StormRider Surf Guide but we would love to receive some input on your favorite spots in Britain and I've also left Tip number Ten for this French, Spanish and Portuguese surf trip open for you to add, so please drop us a note :)

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