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July 2, 2015

Favorite Blue Ocean Sailing Videos

We love movies about adventures, pirates or brave people cruising the globe by boat and I already wrote a blog entry about the top ten sailing movies some time ago.

Below we have posted a couple of our favorite movies about cruising the oceans in a sailboat so enjoy.

Looking for Pirate Movies? 

This guys has made a list of all Pirate Movies known to mankind and alphabetically ordered all three hundred and something and added his review:

Check out 300 + Pirate Movies :)

 White Spot Pirates Youtube Videos

White Spot Pirates (Nike)

Before watching Nike go wild & all pirate like on youtube and make 99% of all the men I know look like pussies, I thought Elayna (check out "Sailing the Vagabonde" below) was the coolest woman in the world. Sorry Elayna, but being the second coolest woman on the planet isn't bad either!

Nike took off to a journey that can be anything between three month and three years (what's wrong with 30 is my question :) starting in Panama. Every friday, she gives you a little insight about how she is coping with putting one of her biggest dreams into reality.

The documentary aims to be a weekly reminder for you, that it is possible to live your dreams and hopefully an inspiration to untie the lines yourself to conquer all the undiscovered areas on your personal map of live, which we call "WhiteSpots".

Find out more about Nike's life with KARL on facebook. If you enjoy watching her documentary and therefore want to contribute then you can do so here: Support Nike! 

 Sailing La Vagabonde Youtube Videos

Sailing La Vagabonde

Elayna & Riley are an Australian couple who bought a yacht in Italy, and have the intentions of a circumnavigation with their 43.4ft Beneteau Cyclades.

Having no clue of how to sail and no experience, it has been quite the adventure and they are forever learning new things. We really love their movies so check em out and support them on Patreon to keep them going.

 SV Delos Blue Ocean Sailing Videos

SV Delos

Love this wild bunch of deep blue pirates and spent many evenings watching their many & sometimes near pornographic videos while getting drunk & envious :)

Check out the amazing crew on the SV Delos website and I guarantee that you will get hooked on them big time as I did. Warning: you'll be stuck on youtube every night checking for new post coming out. This week part 50 was published so if this is your first shot of Delos; Enjoy! Don't forget to sponsor them online or spare them some (digital) pennies.

 Sailing Uma Cruising Videos on Youtube

Sailing Uma Videos

They say a journey of a thousand miles, begins with a single step. For Kika and Dan, rather than a first step, their journey began with a leap and they sold everything they didn’t need, cars, computers, motorcycles, furniture — everything. What this cool and optimistic couple couldn’t sell, they donated and used the money to buy a sailboat. 

We've been following these sweet & clever guys from their first Cruising Video on Youtube and they've been on our Friday Night Cruising Video list since then. 

Love how they are so well tuned into working together to enable their dream of cruising the world. The plan for installing an electric boat engine has my full attention as this is definitely something we are looking into ourselves.

 SV Cathin Rays Blue Ocean Cruising Videos

SV Catchin' Rays

Check out my favourite redneck white trash crazy ass pirate crew cruising the deep blue and making movies about it for our enjoyment, cheap laughs and delight.

I was pretty impressed with these guys building their own gear on the cat and helping us out by posting their ideas and experience online. They are doing really well roaming around beautiful bays exploring caves and shipwrecks while creating videos which make me crack up every time :)

 Alex and Taru Sexy World Tour Videos

World Tour Stories

After only a few weeks of dating Alex & Taru decided to take Alex's beautiful sailboat out on a journey across the oceans of the world and made a couple of really nice blue ocean sailing videos on their tour.

After a year of saving money, throwing or giving away most of their belongings and preparing the boat, they left the Mediterranean and have visited West Africa, South America, Caribbean, Central America since then and are currently exploring Miami. Check out the World Tour Stories website and I can really recommend Taru's Instagram account too :)

Hooked on the cruising videos above and want more? 
Check out the complete list with our 'Favourite Blue Ocean Cruising Video Index on'

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