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July 1, 2015

The internet is dead - long live the outernet

No worries & please keep your panties on as facebook, twitter & insta access will survive but the internet as we know it is definitely dying beneath these very lines of text.

Thanks to the cancer cells in our society trying to manipulate & dictate us around in their scam for power we will now have to leave them our precious decomposing corps of decrepit wires & the towers of hardware which make up the internet and switch over to our personal 802.11ax wifi outernet.

There are several things I hate or despise and somewhere in the top regions of that place are those who get payed with tax money but pretend they owe us nothing and instead offer their assistance to even more evil men owing us their service but providing none at all; politicians & governance.

 Enemies of the Internet

Enemies of the Internet 2014: entities at the heart of censorship and surveillance

And as once again these awful people have proven themselves unwilling, unworthy or just incompetent in their support of our society and have allowed our digital liberties to be violated and our virtual rights to be trampled upon we have three choices; rest our heads like the sheep we are, fight those fossils & take back what is righteously ours or leave them for the dust and move forwards without looking back. I myself vote for the latter as thanks to the same backward assholes the internet has become a trojan horse itself which they deserve to rot in.

So how will we awesome and just people continue and enable our basic necessities of life like watching porn, ordering crap or ranting online without being terrorized by NSA scumbags, Russian scammers or Chinese cyber spies? It's pretty obvious and I predict this will actually happen in the next five years: We will hack our wifi access points and open up our mobile devices and connect them together creating one big wifi outernet (wireless mesh network) shutting out the cable network & influence of governments and organizations trying to controle us and saving you some bucks on the side as now you don't have to pay the internet & mobile phone network providers :)

We will have to launch our own satellites to connect the continents (without having to use the compromised & infected old networks) which in turn will require safe guarding from tampering with, which of course will require an army being run by an organization which should be managed so vote for me as president in controle of that well payed task and I will build you a new world order offering everyone free and unregulated access to "the outernet". 

*Disclaimer: We shall have to monitor & collect all your data to determine if NSA & other dishonest organizations aren't trying to infiltrate and as this requires resources we will have to sell your private information to corporations to pay for the salary of me and my fellow managers  :)

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