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March 24, 2015

2015 - New Boat Building Project

After months of catastrophic renovation works on the Orion-3, which turned out double as expensive as we anticipated, we have finally finished the hold & so after eight years of sleeping in & sharing a moldy pirate dungeon, Stan & Dieye have their own private & spacious bedrooms now :)

 Orion-3 Boat Project Slideshow - Enter the Dungeon

The extra bathroom with Jacuzzi was temporarily skipped to make room for our replacement master bedroom as we started of with a new boat project right away having forgotten all about the disaster our last adventure was, having enjoyed the result for a couple of days. ( I still have nightmares though)


I have already cleaned out the bow last weekend (which used to be our sleeping quarters and fitness center) to make way for a study & practice room. Made the first mistake too, thinking the replacement bedroom would only be necessary for a couple of weeks and I would have the new boat project ready within two months :) 


We will of course keep you laughing by posting our pics now and then... Here we go again Bo Stakka!

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