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September 19, 2014

2014 - Evil Knievel

Last week the world just got a little bit more scary & dangerous as I had a illuminated moment in time and managed to fool the driver license examiner to give me a pass, a motorcycle license and another tick on my bucket-list.

The next day my two project college's who apparently are secretly affiliated biker gangster members (or whatever that box is named) initiated me into their elite world showering me with gifts after making me promise to keep the tradition alive. Thanks guys :)


Your input is very welcome helping me choose a bike to ride so below I've posted some of my wishes:

Type: Roadster or Naked Bike
Below: € 8000

Just to give you an impression what I am talking about & a drewel:


Below is a picture of my dad Jan Spaander who will be smiling down at me from his cloud being a proud man seeing his son ride around on his bike :)


And yes... I might not be the brightest guy out there but I know the guy wasn't called Evil Knievel.

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  1. Hi bro,

    I think dad is smiling indeed. And I think he would have picked bottom right or middle left. I sertainly would!

    With love,
    Your brother.....