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April 21, 2014


Although I know it will be totally boring and pointless for most people to read, this will yet be another entry about my occupation and I promise to keep it as short as possible.

Working as a freelancer on multiple IT projects per year for the last decade I've been asked over and over again to provide a motivation for making myself available for new projects and never really got the point giving a motivation for wanting a particular freelance opportunity.

I am a freelancer, a professional in my expertise and this is the way I spend my days and fill my bank account, your project fits my skill set and looks interesting enough for me to occupy me for a couple of months, what more is there to say?

Most of the time I receive the motivation request from a recruiter (alias the headhunter) who contacted me after finding my profile on LinkedIn and just to be clear, I have absolutely no problem with headhunters trying to make a buck finding the right person for the job offer and providing extra services for freelancers like me.

Most recruitment companies who contact me are upstanding professionals and know their business but once in a while I stumble across a blood sucking parasite pretending to be such a man in the middle who in fact represents a company of vultures.

It often starts off with your new contact pushing his low fee by explaining that his job offer is for a limited amount of time and the level of expertise and required skill set is way below those you offer and / or his client not wanting to pay more.

A second warning you may receive is the swift way they try to force their contracts containing unreadable and strangling constructions.

And the third omen in the sky you might encounter is them talking behind their clients back explaining you the problems their client has is caused by the lack of knowledge or their attitude problem.

The last hint of devious behavior is the way they (don't) try to solve the issue of your low fee once you find out that the client needs, asks and pays for just the expert you are and has many problems in his environment caused by the recruiters company turning the easy peasy job opportunity in a full scale troubleshooting and project saving mission.

Sealiberty Cruising Motivation Blog Entry

Ending my motivational blog entry and coming to the point; should you recognize one of the above pointers for possible trouble in our upcoming relationship, don't call me again as you won't like the way I handle low-lifes like yourself.

Those of you who were genuinely wondering if Jeroen Spaander is the professional you need for your project don't need my motivation. The many references I received should be more than enough to understand I will fix the job in the best and fastest way possible. Need to see those references and can't send me an invitation on Linkedin? Please contact me by mail.

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