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October 12, 2014

Building Boats Again

A couple of months ago we started another Boat Building Project which of course should have been finished weeks ago but in fact is only for 75% ready.

The ships belly (the hold) was one of the first parts of the Orion-3 to be completely destroyed when I first bought my monster and it took me a long time to remove all the concrete, replace all the rotten and damaged steel parts and replace it with new plating.

After that we build some temporary living quarters to be able to live aboard and the pictures above and below show the same space on the Orion-3.

We build Stan & Dieye a pirate room but now they are both 13 (Dieye just had his birthday and Stan will have his next week so for about a month they are the same age) and a pirate room is definitely not cool any more.

Slideshow Building Boats Again Orion-3 2014

After making a couple of sketches and reserving a budget, we ripped apart all the walls, bought 12 brand new portholes to shed some light on the disaster area, assigned a ship welder and a carpenter to the project and... left for a six week holiday :)

No chance that would result in a happy ending and the project wasn't half way done before we returned into the mess. 

The carpenter had his heart broken and turned to the bottle to drink away his sorrows, showing up only a couple of hours and our welder had physical heart problems and was hospitalized ( he's fine now so don't worry, we didn't break him :) and that's why I am now finishing it myself. 

Check out the result a couple of months later...

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