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October 18, 2014

Bad Boys dont Twitter

As you might of noticed we are all over the place with our multi-media campaign for Sealiberty. We run a dozen of all the well known social media accounts on twitter, facebook, instagram and other site or blog accounts.

One of the twitter accounts we managed for over a year wasn't intended for social purposes though, and I wish we never had to sign on to it at all but as some fake #feb17 revolutionairy rebels thought it was a good idea to ethnically cleanse all the families from Tawergha (a small village in Libya we used to live in) and terrorize, kidnap and torture the refugees, we where left no choice but to start a major online campaign for Tawergha.

Those hypocrites became even worse terrorists then the dictator they managed to defeat with our NATO fighters assistance in 2011.

 Tawergha Online Campaign

Last month two of the young activists for Tawergha where murdered in cold blood and yesterday another internally displaced camp for Tawergha families was evacuated because of the indiscriminate shelling between Islamist militias and the Libyan army.

Last week I handed the twitter account over to another admin who is slightly less harsh and hopefully more diplomatic then I am as my patience with those shit for brains, donkey ass dimwits has totally run out and my online ranting about them on the Foundation Twitter account won't do any one any good.

I really hope some one big and smart will take the guns away from those irresponsible sadistic boys playing war games in that god forsaken sandbox and replace it with some common sence.

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