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May 4, 2013

2013 ~ Kings and Queens

Dutch folks are a weird bunch especially when it comes to their kings & queens.

Last week we swapped the previous monarch Beatrix for her son Alex and wife Max (his partner in crime). As I'm not a great fan of kingdoms, dictators or any other self proclaimed rulers, it wouldn't have gone into the blog if they hadn't arrested the two only sane people in the herd who dared to protest by holding a small sign with a single line of text saying: "I'm not a subject"

The scary part about this event is that nobody cares about the arrests and many Dutch citizens even scald the arrested students. We pretend to be the land of the free and love to tell other countries how they should treat their fellow countrymen and women but as push comes to shove the Dutch just don't care about people who have a different opinion.

Although in my mind the Dutch royal family members have used their position many times in the past to steal from and manipulate the less fortunate people on this globe, I will accept that most people need their gods and monarchs and are running willingly through life attached to a 'divine' string, feeling safer in the process but I will not accept them stringing up not like wise minded.

The funny pic above showing our royals at work isn't detailed enough to show you the paintings of slaves on the side, offering their respect to our kingdom a 100 years ago. As if to tell the world we aren't regretting a thing, we are not going to compensate and we definitely are not ashamed of that period.

I wonder what will happen if the Germans start parading their portable gas chambers from World War II within 40 years from now...

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