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May 3, 2013

2013 ~ Cruise Prepping

There are numerous books written about round about sailing voyages around the globe and many contain excellent preparation tips & advice.

Last week I read two books written by Dutch guys who both prepared for the worst & hoped for the best and accomplished their dreams without loss of limbs & life.

They scared the crap out of me though and made me wonder if we had to put more effort in the first part (planning) of our journey. Researchers added extra load to my feeling of unease, letting us know that global warming would probably tenfold the chance of sinking our plans in the years to come.

Very fortunately I stumbled upon yet another amateur cruising blog which went into great lenghts to convince me that any odd sod of a person could go cruising and there wasn't anything to be afraid of except the never ending work fixing your ship. Thanxs for attempting to ease my shaken nerves.

We would like you to help us by reading & adding comments to correct or advice us. I know, we ask a lot, thank you in advance. We will try to reward your effort with great cruising stories and images of our tour around the world.


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