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November 5, 2014

2014 - Croatia Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik was one of the last cities on our 2014 Croatia Tour but I am glad we drove the extra couple of miles as it's one of the most beautiful places on earth.!album-24-0

Being a sucker for ancient towns with castle walls, drawbridges and old fortresses with black canons sticking out this certainly was the place to get my kicks.  Dubrovnik has massive walls that run almost 2 km around the city. The walls are four to six meters wide.

We are big fans of the HBO's Game of Thrones series & it's no surprise that Dubrovnik was used for the film set to feature as the city of Kings Landing. It's an amazing place to walk around & it's listing as UNESCO World Heritage Site is well deserved.


Although Dubrovnik was demilitarized to protect it from war it was besieged by the Yugoslav People's Army (by then composed primarily of Serbs) who attacked the city for seven months in 1991 causing significant damage to the city. 

You won't see any of the destruction as it has been rebuild by now but historical pictures about the shelling and siege are to be found in the mazes of small and picturesque streets with cute shops.

There are quite a few nice restaurants in the old town and the harbor is definitely worth a visit. Standing on the outer docks getting splashed by gigantic fountains of dying waves crashing on the castle walls is great fun and a perfect setup for a cold beer.

Walking along the outer walls clockwise departing from the harbor you will find a small door which will lead you to the perfect lounge place outside the castle situated on the sea side. It's one of the most romantic places you will find in the world.

Croatia is famous for it's sailing grounds and I swear we will visit this place sometime soon by boat. I love Dubrovnik :)

After two days we had to press on heading home. We did however get to see one of the most magnificent parts of Croatia which I can highly recommend reading but even better; you must see this with your own eyes!

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