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August 24, 2014

2014 - Croatia Plitvice Lakes

A trip to the Plitvice Lakes National Park (UNESCO world heritage since 1949) should definitely be included during your Croatia holiday.

After seeing it with our own eyes we get why the Plitvice Lakes belong to the most beautiful sights of Croatia and even Europe.


The park is huge with a total area of 266 km2, consisting of 16 tiered crystal clear lakes that are interconnected by scenic waterfalls. The first lake is at an altitude of 636 meters, and the last lake 8 km south, is located at 133 meters altitude.

As our plan to arrive early (the park is open from 07:00 to 20:00) failed misserably, it took us an hour standing in a long line to get inside. Tip: be early!

Access fees to the park in high season, no matter which route you are going to walk amount to 180 kuna, which is about 24 euros, including boat and bus rides in the park.

You will save your hard-earned money if you schedule your visit at a off peak season and we heared stories about a fairy tale scene in winter but I reckon the other Croatian hotspots won't be so hot in Winter so I'll stick to the intial advice to just skip breakfast and be the early bird to enter the park.

Croatia Plitvice beautiful lakes Sealiberty Cruising 2014

Don't forget your LUPA (lunchpack) as there are limited places to eat and 10.000 people visit there everyday.

And don't forget your walking shoes as they are a must. Ofcourse Jeroen walked the nearly six hours on his flipflops and it took all the bandaids we had to tape his soar toos.

Although the water beckons you to take a dive, it is just as well you aren't permitted to swim. Our photos would be significantly less beautiful with a couple of thousand tourists bobbing in the water :)

I liked the turquoise color and clarity of the water which is so cool, you can watch more than 8 meters in depth! The fishes are definitely not shy and I swear that if I tried I would of been able to catch them with my bare hands.

In the woods, bears, wolves, lynx, wild boar and many more wild species are waiting for those of you who like wondering of onto the untrodden trail. 

There are also 20 caves in the park and during the boat trip on Lake Kozjak you completely unwind (to be wound up again taking the train wagon back to base riding on a very narrow road along deep deep canyons).

In short, whether you are a nature lover or not, you will definitely enjoy the indescribable beauty of the lakes.

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