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May 11, 2013

2008 ~ Tunisia: Sousse

After a long ship renovation, we needed the rest and headed out for a holiday in Tunisia at a resort (something we normally would never do). It took us some time before we got used to staying in one place for 10 days but somehow it seemed nice and quiet. We flew at the end of May, as the ideal temperature is around 25 degrees for an all inclusive five star hotel in Sousse.

The place is very popular with Dutch folks, we noticed. If you should go to a touristic spot like this, we recommend you to use the all inclusive concept and find a hotel situated right on the beach with large swimming pools. We had taken a lot of books to read so we relaxed on the beach and enjoyed the exquisite food and drinks.

In addition, we swam a lot in the Mediterranean Sea. Because of the strong wind it is ideal for kitesurfers and sailors, but we found it on the fresh side sometimes.

We obviously went to the centre of Sousse, which is divided in the old part (medina) and the new part. In Medina, you have wonderful shops where you can buy herbs and spices for just a few Euros. I bought saffron (in the Netherlands this is still a precious spice), pepper and dried mint leaves which like in many other Arab countries is used for tea in Tunisia. You will often be offered a glass of strong mint tea with a lot of sugar in the market stores, and it tastes great in the heat of the sun.


Furthermore there are many street dealers where you can buy gorgeous leather goods and carpets everywhere. There are several museums and a fishing port in the southern part where old pirate ships are moored for excursions. We have not been on a tour, but the hotel itself offered all sorts of tours as they of course get commission.

We did however let ourselves be tempted to go parasailing. You will be raised in the air by parachute from the beach by a fast motorboat , which was a cool experience. The view from 150 meters high is pretty impressive for someone like me with vertigo. Luckily we had a tandem flight and I imagined myself safe hanging on to Jeroen.

We also rented a sea jet ski which Jeroen run very hard over the waves. Unfortunately I got a lot of salt water in my eyes so I experienced this ride with closed eyes most of the way. Wearing sunglasses or goggles would be the best thing to do.

We really revived those 10 days, which consisted of sunbathing, reading, swimming, visit the sauna, a bit of cultural and beach activities. In addition, we enjoyed the delicious food and drinks and we even went dancing in the hotel disco.

All inclusive vacations in Tunisia are useful if you want nothing on your mind and the certainty of a beautiful, clean and sunny place to stay.

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